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Is your vehicle covered in rust? Don’t worry – the experts at Sparky’s Collision Inc. offer auto rust repair services in New Bedford, MA. Whether your car is rusted from salt, sand or snow, you can trust us to restore it to its former, sparkling condition.

Our professionals can remove rust from old and new cars. Drive in today for an evaluation. Once we develop a plan of action, we’ll give you a free estimate. Hire us right away to remove the rust from your car.

3 causes of car rust

3 causes of car rust

Knowing what caused the rust on your vehicle can help you prevent future rusting. Look below for some common causes of car rust:

  1. Weather conditions, like rain and sunlight, can oxidize the metal of your car.
  2. Salt from the roads
  3. If you live near the coast, seawater can lead to oxidization.
  4. Simple neglect, like failing to clean your car or park it in a garage, can lead to rust.

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